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(22 Years)

Spinal Problem

Priya is suffering from TB of Spine (Pott’s disease) and she is currently admitted and receiving treatment for the same at Lady Hardinge Hospital (Kalawati Hospital), New Delhi.

To make a living, Priya’s husband works as a rickshaw puller. She lives in Delhi with her husband.

Pott disease at the level C4-C5 and the patient need to undergo decompression of the spinal cord, and adequate spinal stabilization surgery. Spinal decompression is a type of surgery used to give your spine nerves more space and relieve their compression. “Decompression” usually means removing tissue that is compressing a spinal nerve. It can be performed anywhere along your spine from your neck (cervical) to your lower back.

The estimated cost for the surgery is coming around 40 thousand in INR. Priya comes from a lower class family and her husband is in no position to arrange such a huge amount in such short notice. In the next 30 days, Priya’s husband needs Rs.35, 000 to 40, 000 for surgery and further treatment. Having exhausted all his savings and assets until now, his present financial state does not enable him to bear expenses for his wife’s further medical treatment.

The funds raised will be used towards Priya’s treatment:

  • Spinal Stabilization Surgery
  • Medicines

With so much that’s out of our control these days, we know helping another life is in our control. Each contribution is important! Kindly share the fundraiser with your family and friends and help us reach the goal amount.


Priya’s medical reports are attached herewith for verification.