To inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change
Nearly 1.73 million children die in India every year due to lack of treatment. We work with communities and the ...
You can help save a life, donate now. ... We rely entirely on voluntary donations from people like you to help children...
News & Events
Blanket Distribution
Blankets are frequently distributed to those homeless people who are asleep without any blanket/with just a thin sheet/torn b...
Food Distribution
Food distribution camps are often arranged in the nearby and connected slums.We with the help of generous supporters and volunteer...
Visit in Slum Areas

We often organize camps in Slum areas where we provide them with food, clothes and ot...

Students of Chattravas Vidya for Free Education

Every child has a right to education. We work toward enabling children to gain a qual...

Celebrated Bal Divas 2012 with Anganwadi Kids

Celebrated Bal Divas 2012 with Anganwadi children's in Delhi, where they were offered...

New Projects
Mohd. Aazam
12 Year
Baby Yashi Srivastava
8 years
Mohd. Shakib
17 year
Master Ammar Raza
6 years
Master Ravi Kumar
7 Years
Master Amil
9 years
Master Ansh Kumar
3 Years
Master Yash Kumar
14 years
Priya Kumari
10 Years
Baby Manvi
10 months
Master Yash
2 years
Anchal Yadav
13 years
21 years
Master Arshlan
7 years
Master Abdul
1 year 8 months
Master Rachit Kumar
8 years
Master Gaurav
7 Years
Master Kunal
9 Years
Baby Aqsa
4 years
Master Keshav
9 Years
Master Tayab
1 Year
Master Ayush Raj
2 years
Baby Shrishti
4 years
Baby Anamika
6 Years
Master Arush
4 years
Master Dheeraj
2 years
Master Prasum Kumar
5 years
Jay Prakash Jangir
18 years
Sucessfull Stories
7 Year
Unknown MLC Patient
50 Years
5 Yrs
Master Ashwani
7 months
4 Year
Master Munna
4 months
Master Aditya Kumar
2 Year 7 Month
Ms. Sahjahan
Deepanshi Pal
1 Year
Master Dakshraj
2 years
1 Year 2 Month
Master Aman Kumar
6 months
16 Year
Baby Mujjamil Hussain
7 months
3-5 Year
Master Rizwan
6 years
3-5 Year
Master Vanshraj
1 month 13 days
Ratan Singh
53 Year
20 years
2-5 Year
Master Md. Adil
4 years 6 months
Zartaj Ahmed
2 Year
21 years
Suraj Singh
3 Year
22 Years
50 Year
Mahender Sigh
62 Years
Anshuman Chobey
13 Month
Sattar Khan
60 years
Krish Nut
6 Year
50 Years
8 Years
Master Ankush Kumar
3 Years
Net Banking Debit/Credit Card